Fotókkal: Gangaray Youth Ensemble: Fragments – Ambíció tehetségprogram

  • A Bethlen Téri Színház Ambíció tehetségprogramjának előadása.
  • Lost (in) life // Fake reality // Virtti // ‘Where is she’ // Do you?

Do you?

We decided to talk about;
We decided to dance about the stones in our chest. The stones that we all carry in a noisy street. But no time, no space, no energy to take care of them. Everybody is busy with something else while the voices around us are becoming too loud.
We would like to reflect on how much what surrounds us affects us.
Covered with constant dynamics, we try to protect the stones. They sway, but we won’t let them fall. We dance. not knowing the purpose of holding them within,even more we dance until the noises around us and inside us will be in tune.
Can we give us a moment to coexist? How far do we stay alone or create connection in this dance?
And we remember the “Bluebird” from Charles Bukowski, do you?

Creators: Fanni Mészáros, Clara Bourdin
Performers: Fanni Mészáros, Clara Bourdin, Elina Karacosta

foók: Zelkó Csilla


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