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ViennaUP’21: Strong Outcomes despite Lockdown (ENGLISH TEXT)

  • International startup event sets new standards

The Vienna Business Agency is already seeing exciting outcomes for ViennaUP´21 at its debut event series. A first broadcast among the 40 program partners confirms around 25,000 participants from 60 countries in 100 online events from April 27th to May 12th.

With ViennaUP´21 we’ve begun a new chapter in the international positioning of Vienna as a business location and initiated a project that is unique on this scale for Austria and certainly sets new standards – and that during a lockdown. It shows, Vienna is well positioned,” said Peter Hanke, City Councilor for Finance, Economics, Digitization and International Affairs.

A core aim of the festival – to build contacts and networks – was particularly successful, even in the middle of the 4th lockdown. In over 5,000 1:1 meetings, investors, founders, talent, and international organizations exchanged their contacts and discussed the possible business ideas of tomorrow. 

City Councilor for Economic Affairs, Peter Hanke: “It’s remarkable what power the digital version of ViennaUP´21 has been able to develop. Because 5,000 personal conversations means that startups, companies, investors and interested parties have been dealing intensively with the opportunities that Vienna has to offer as a business location.” 

Huge global reach within the startup target group 

The digital communication campaign for ViennaUP’21 reached more than ten million people and successfully positioned Vienna as a hub of the global startup scene. These figures impressively confirm ViennaUP´21 – founded by the Vienna Business Agency – as the largest startup event to have ever taken place in Central Europe. Although it was only possible to realize this year’s event online due to COVID-19, with ViennaUP‘21 the Viennese startup community has sent a powerful starting signal to the world, as a successful business and startup location.

© Vienna Business Agency

“ViennaUP´21 has shown everyone that Vienna is fit for the time after the pandemic. This spirit of the future was clearly noticeable to everybody involved over the past two weeks,” emphasizes City Councilor Peter Hanke. More than 40 program partners, from large international conference formats such as WIRED pulse, to the entire local startup scene in Vienna, came together and hosted around 

100 program items, promoting networking within the global startup community. 

Key event highlights included “the global limitless conference”, which reached 1,500 participants from five stages in different cities; “B2B Software Days – the future of digital business” registered more than 2,000 interested parties; not to mention key investor events, the “Investors Summit” and “0100 Conference” with around 600 registrations each. The “Creative Days Vienna” played out a bit differently, with an unusual focus for a startup event with a program built by the creative sector.

The feedback from the target group has been incredibly positive,” says Gerhard Hirczi, Managing Director of the Vienna Business Agency, “and the success of ViennaUP’21 confirms that we’ve found the right format to intensify international networking in the startup community and to put Vienna at the center of the discussion. We hope to be able to continue this successful course in an offline form in 2022.”

What we’re keeping from ViennaUP´21
In order to keep ViennaUP´21 sustainable for the global startup community, selected events were made available on the ViennaUP YouTube channel. In addition, a digital city map on has enabled those interested in Vienna to digitally explore the business location. Predominant Viennese personalities, successful companies and essential spots from technology to culture are presented, which show Vienna as a business location from a different perspective.

“In the local community we have long been taken in by the special Viennese startup magic” concludes Gabriele Tatzberger, Head of Startup Services at the Vienna Business Agency. “With ViennaUP´21 we have succeeded in letting as many as possible participate and conveying the special Viennese spirit to the world!”  

Strong interest and great support from CEE

Considerable interest in supporting ViennaUP´21 as well as being part of the was already apparent from the Central and Eastern European region in the first hour. The following cooperation partners from the regions played a major role in supporting and promoting ViennaUP´21. 

Czech Republic and Slovakia

Startup Disrupt


Prague Innovation Institute

South Moravian Innovation Centre (JIC)

South Bohemian Chamber of Commerce

Moravian-Silesian Innovation Centre Ostrava

DEX Innovation Centre

Women Startup Competition

Challenger Accelerator

© Vienna Business Agency



Slovak Business Agency

Slovak-Austrian Chamber of Commerce


IT Association at Croatian Chamber of Economy (HGK)

HAMAG BICRO – Croatian Agency for SMEs, Innovations and Investments—croatian-agency-for-sme-s/

Bulgarian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association—bvca 

Sofia Investment Agency 

Association of the Bulgarian Leaders & Entrepreneurs


How to Web 


Foundation Supporting #OMGKRK: Krakow Startup Community 

Wolves Summit 

City of Warsaw

Cracow – the City of Start-Ups-Foundation

ViennaUP´21 took place online between 27th April to 12th May, and is a startup event for a global audience, initiated by the Vienna Business Agency and executed in collaboration with the Viennese startup scene. 

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